Introducing a new book 

“Animals Greet US”

One morning I woke up and told my wife of a dream I had.  The dream was about a children’s book.  I told my wife about the book and suggested that she write it.  She has always been the one saying that she wants to write a book.  However, she told me that she was busy and that I would have to write it.  So, I did.


Now, I would like to share that book with you.

It was fun to write and my wife painted all of the pictures.  You can check it out at Amazon.com.

It goes through many different greetings using animal illistrations.  Each page is in both English and Spanish.  A very good book for children (or even adults) to learn greetings in both languages.

 Animals Greet Us: Los Animales Nos Saludan

Check it out!!!

Click on the book below


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